Effectively Managing Technology

CMTI provides engineering and operational technical services to federal and private clients. These services include operating state-of-the-science laboratory facilities, computer systems operations and maintenance, antenna maintenance, and computer automated design (CAD) services in a space launch manufacturing environment.

CMTI Technical Capabilities

Electro-chemicalFor more than 29 years, the company has demonstrated the ability to adapt to customers’ evolving technical requirements and priorities. As technology has emerged toward higher states of digital analysis and integration, CMTI has consistently provided innovative, cost effective and often mission critical services. As an example, since 2007, CMTI’s Electro-Chemical Laboratory facilities support the US Air Force 45th Space Wing launch operations and commercial customers at the Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Port Canaveral, and Patrick Air Force Base. This ongoing service is recognized as a vital part of our country’s push to maintain a leadership position in the space launch industry.

Technical Offerings

Tower & Receiving/Radiating Element Maintenance

Ensuring structure and equipment quality.

Tower Corrosion Control

Maintain tower against environmental factors.

Laboratory Electro-Chemical Services & Management

Laboratory testing and analytics.

Tower Assembly/Disassembly

Tower construction & removal.

Logistics Case Study: Marshall Space Flight Center

Marshall Space Flight Center

For more than 50 years, the unique capabilities and expertise at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center has been used to design and build the engines, vehicles, space systems, instruments and science payloads that make possible unprecedented missions of science and discovery throughout our solar system.

CMTI performs complete fleet maintenance, warehousing, procurement, shipping and receiving services at the Marshall Space Flight Center. Our staff ensures all operations run seamlessly by ensuring on-time delivery of all required parts, materials and equipment.

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