Marshall Space Flight Center

Center-Wide Logistics Support Services

The Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) in Huntsville, Alabama is leading the development of NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) – the most powerful rocket ever built – to carry human explorers into deep space. In December 2011, CMTI was awarded a subcontract under CH2M Hill to provide center-wide logistics services to support development of SLS development and other MSFC missions. Under the contract, CMTI has provided transportation and vehicle maintenance, fuel services, freight traffic, flight hardware procurement as well as warehousing and move services.

Below are a few of the services we provide:

    • Shipping/Receiving
    • Flight Hardware
    • Transportation and Motor Pool
    • Fuel Services
    • Freight Traffic
    • Move Services
    • Move Procurement
    • Warehousing
    • Property Management
Marshall Space Flight Center

CH2M Hill was experiencing poor performance from other subcontractors. As a result of our consistent outstanding performance, we assumed all functional responsibilities of the under-performing subcontractor. Under CMTI, this group was subsequently recognized for quality responsive support and contributions to the MLSS mission.

CMTI has also led the implementation of several major safe initiatives on the contract. As a result, the MLSS contract has experienced an exceptional safety record since inception. Over 300,000 hours have been worked by CMTI employees to date without a single lost time day. Additionally, there have been no deductions or reports of services being provided at a substandard level.


The multi-faceted subcontract with CH2M Hill included Center-Wide Logistics Support Services


CH2M Hill experienced poor performance from their previous subcontractors. CMTI would provide consistent outstanding performance in under performing areas.


Under CMTI, this group was subsequently recognized for quality responsive support and contributions to the MLSS mission.

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Additional Information

CMTI's performance is held in high regard, and when the initial move services subcontractor was not performing adequately, we were brought in to take over that functional area, improving overall service and employee morale. Our exceptional services have been recognized in the form of additional work scope. When another subcontractor to CH2M Hill was not performing adequately, we were asked to assume all functional responsibilities and improve overall quality for the Move Services function. We incorporated Move Services into our organization and once again improved overall quality, service, and employee morale.

CMTI, in performance of this contract, have met all delivery schedules in a timely, efficient manner.

We do not subcontract any of our functional areas to subcontractors. As a subcontractor to CH2M Hill we maintain the most productive working relationship with them to ensure all obligations are met effectively and efficiently.

We have implemented a complete safety program to ensure that all work is being planned, performed, and completed with safety as the prime focus.

Project Takeaways

Our client, CH2M Hill, has been very pleased with our level of service. As we always strive to improve, we consistantly look at ways to improve our processes to deliver better client outcomes.

Building a cohesive team approach to services has allowed CMT to successfully accomplish many of the more difficult requirements. During our large-scale move/consolidation of the warehouse, we engaged and utilized both our warehouse personnel and move services personnel to successfully transport the 100+ trailer loads of equipment to the new facility. Our workforce was able to work together across functional departments to efficiently complete a large, complex task. This ability to cross-utilize personnel and create operational synergy will lead to overall improved services going forward.

We have found that inventory records don’t always provide a helpful description of items that are required to be identified and logged in the annual inventory of property. When we started including photos of individual pieces of property (particularly hard to describe or unique/uncommon items) our property clerks were more efficient in looking for, identifying, and documenting inventory items throughout the facility.

  • Additional Skills Performed
    • Purchasing
    • RFP/RFQ Proposal Writing
    • Crating/Boxing
    • Furniture/Lab Tear Down
    • Fleet Maintenance

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