Amazon Sort Facilities

Logistics and Janitorial Services

Amazon Sort Centers are a critical element of the company’s global package distribution operation. Amazon’s staggering rate of growth has upended traditional supply chain logistics world wide. As such, they go to great lengths to screen and select only those vendors that can adapt to the rigorous pace of their processes and customer demands. CMTI was retained by Amazon to improve the level of services in multiple facilities, in the areas of logistics and janitorial support for this very reason. CMTI has been able to leverage our 25-years of experience in manufacturing facilities to provide multi-shift support in these extremely demanding environments.

The selection process involved evaluating CMTI’s approach to employee safety; the company’s ability to adapt to rapidly changing schedules and workflows; the ability to grow as customer demands increase; the ability to provide surge workforce capabilities; cost competitiveness; and technical approach to daily management and problem solving. CMTI’s services include pallet sorting and transportation, corrugate material sorting and removal, facility-wide cleaning, loading of trucks, and supply inventory management.

Amazon’s unique plant operations presents specific challenges for internal support partners. These include:

    • Working in and around Amazon personnel without disrupting operations
    • Working in a very fast-paced, high-volume operations
    • Working in and around high-speed industrial conveyors
    • Safely working on mezzanines

CMTI has implemented many process improvement initiatives to support Amazons robust plant activities. These include:

    • Implementing color coded microfiber cleaning systems to eliminate cross contamination
    • Utilizing specialized cleaning equipment specifically tailored for designated work areas and confined spaces
    • Reducing pallet foot print by 75% to improve overall workflow and reduce plant hazards
    • Implemented continual floor maintenance program to improve the efficiency of periodic services
    • Implemented mezzanine equipment stations to improve workplace safety
    • Implemented a corded equipment reduction program through the use of batteries systems to improve overall workforce safety


The contract with Amazon includes custodial services for sorting facilities management, as well as logistics services.


Amazon selects partners that can adapt quickly to ever-changing processes, values effective daily problem solving, possesses a fantastic safety record and is cost conscious.


To date, the client is very pleased with the level of service CMTI provides at their various sorting locations. We are encouraged that we are optimizing service while keeping our, and the client employees safe at all times.