CMTI Green Initiatives

While CMTI undertakes its mission of managing logistics, technology, and facilities O&M for our important clients, the company also understands it is equally important to protect our environment and the planet.

In recent years, a company-wide focus on “Green Initiatives” has resulted in each client facility examining and implementing ways to reduce waste, recycle products, conserve energy and water, and utilize environmentally friendly materials when economically possible.

We work with our clients to implement new technologies and materials, such as solvent-free parts washers and applying more economically friendly paints needed to protect the structural steel of towers and structures against corrosion.

In addition, we work with clients to implement additional green initiatives. We implement the use of alternative fuels and provide maintenance on alternative fuel vehicles, helping to fulfill the federal Executive order 13423, that includes improving energy efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gases, ensuring that renewable resources are used whenever possible, reducing water consumption and energy consumption and using environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. The use of E85 and Compressed Natural Gas has reduced thousand of gasoline at several of our clients’ installations.

In facilities O&M, we use several innovative technologies and deploy industry best practices that lessen impact on our environment. We use the following technologies:

Orbio™ Chemical Free Solution

  • Zero Chemicals
  • Leaves No residue
  • Hospital Grade Disinfectant
  • Zero Packaging Waste

ECH20™ Auto Scrubbers

  • Uses no chemicals
  • Leaves no residue
  • Improves floor friction
  • Reduces slip and fall risk

KaiVac™ Touch Free Restroom Cleaning

  • Improved bacteria elimination
  • Reaches areas often missed
  • Improves air quality of restrooms

Bucketless Mop Systems

  • 30% more effective cleaning than traditional mop
  • Improved efficiency
  • Always clean solution
  • Color-coded pads for restroom and general areas

How Does It Work?

CMTI will continue to train our employees in the proper use of equipment, and dispensing of cleaning chemicals. We’ll continue to look at innovative technologies to reduce our carbon footprint, minimize chemical usage, reduce both water usage and waste, and recommend the use of these environmentally friendly methodologies to our clients.

For more information, please contact Trox Austell (321) 446-4022.

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Trox Austell
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